What is #wepact:


#wepact idea is to connect people, businesses and non-profit organizations in a cooperative network community.  Our platform provides the visitors an engaging content and useful information, as well as a search tool for products, services and community involvements. We offer businesses who wants to sponsor us, a creative  marketing and advertising opportunities for those who want to promote a brand or an organization.


How it works:


We ask for an investment of $100 to join our business network of sponsors. This will include a placement of your business on the site with a direct link of choice. Select any non- profit organization you support to include on our non-profit network. 20% of your $100 investment will be deposited in our community bank, where we plan to distribute back.


 As a sponsor, a business will have options for future involvement and participation by: 

* Use our platform for advertisement and promotions opportunities.

* Take part in future events that we will organize.

* Help us promote ideas and share our vision and include others within their network. 


Giving Back:


This is a key part in our business model. For that reason, we set up our own community bank, (CommuniPact Bank), for the soul purpose of future distribution of funds to our non-profit network, and #wepact is committed to contribute 20% from profits.


Our Part:


We'll continue to provide our strength and commitment into the process of building and promoting our business by constantly looking for new investors, develop new ideas and seek opportunities. 


Our Goal:


To convey the idea to users and investors that this platform model will serve as a beneficial partnership between businesses and the non-profit sector, and establish the loyalty of customers and supporters who will help to share our vision, locally and globally.


Our Mission: 


To create the largest community marketplace and support network, based on the commitment in building a better world, while investing and promoting social economic development and philanthropy.




Sagi Brin- Founder/Owner