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Welcome to #wepactA Global Network Group & a Community! Here, is the idea of the 

Common Goal Marketing and Networking Platform, designed to serve YOU, the Consumer,  

Business owner and the Advocate. This is an invitation to the future use of the Social Network and the Media:   Collaborate, Win, Make a Difference!                                                                                                                                     

#wepact is here to earn your trust and our ideas, and we'll have the opportunity to work together and build a network as OUR INVESTMENT.    


Join our Sponsors, Supporters, Family and Friends on Our Mission: To make a positive impact; Socially, Economically, with Advocacy! Here is how it's going to work:      


       Three main Principles = One Quality Network = Strive         















Media, Network, Connections.

It starts here! Please help us to share big ideas with your trusted network, you'll know what to use.


Support, Network, Invest.

Every business must have a connection to its local community, reach out and develop relationships.


Increase exposure and awareness.

Nonprofit organizations are under pressure to improve quality, lower costs and expand their reach for support.  



 The Opportunity and the Vision we represent:









 #wepact is about You, your Business and your Community on one network. A Sponsor is a Business paid participation on the platform, from content to marketing,and include any non- profit organization(s), whom they would like to promote and share with our group.   

 A sponsorship will provide funds needed to grow the platform, and your trust in our business contribution from sponsored or invested amount to the Community Bank.

This is #wepact  Strategy/Model: Community First! 

A visionary idea, based on a 80/20 concept, can go far! We want to do it with You!     









* In Yourself


* In your Business


* In your Community


* In your Network


* In the Future

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